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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Patel and staff always show respect, pleasant, show concern, involve myself and spouse in care and planning.
Dr. Patel is a very nice, strong and kind doctor. Takes time to listen, and knows her patients.
Dr. Khoury is always patient and helpful no matter the work load or problem. Office staff runs like a well oiled machine each visit.
Dr. Khoury provided the greatest medical experience for me I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience.
Jessica and Dr. Bynum rotate in seeing me when I come in. I like and respect both of them. Jessica saw me last and my visit was wonderful. She talked with me and was very kind and concerned about the problem I was having. I felt like she really cared and I will never forget her way of making me feel comfortable enough to talk. Thank you.
Dr. Bynum made it clear that she and her PA would follow my case closely. This is the first time I felt someone cared about my condition. She also said I would be seen at regular intervals.
I appreciate Dr. Bynum so much. I wish all my doctors were like her.
I would give Dr. Israelit a 10! She is patient and a good listener. I never feel patronized. She is always able to reduce my anxiety because I know she truly cares.
Dr. Israelit is the best doctor I have had in all my life. I have worked in four different hospitals in my lifetime. She’s great and fantastic.
Dr. Khan is wonderful. You know that she is listening to your questions. Explains things in a way that you can understand and makes you feel that your situation is important to her. The staff is on point and always friendly. I feel fortunate that I am being treated at OKHC and by Dr. Khan.
Couldn’t ask for a better doctor that Dr. Khan! Love how she takes her time with me! Thank you so much for all your help with me.
Dr. Hackett is FABULOUS!
I love how much she listens to me! I wish Dr. Hackett was my PCP!
My doctor and nursing staff at the hospital and Hypertension staff were there for me. I wish to thank Dr. Griffiths and all his staff for their concern about my well-being.
Dr. Griffiths always does a great job. Thank you.
I am delighted and fortunate to have Dr. Nawaz work with me.
Very happy with Dr. Nawaz and her staff. I am greeted by friendly people and see the doctor very soon after arrival.
So fortunate Dr. Xu comes to Vancouver!
Creagh Schoen was fabulous. She and Dr. Griffiths are a super team.
I can trust Dr. Griffiths with his treatment plan to the highest degree.

Always up to date on my condition when I arrive. Always has time to listen and respond.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Khoury than any doctor I’ve ever had.

I really like Dr. Patel. She is very nice. She has heart for her people.

I adore Dr. Israelit. She is kind and attentive. She is proactive and supportive. Wish there was more time with her visits.

Dr. Xu is a very good doctor. Very professional and very kind. He explains everything I need to know and doesn’t get irritated when I ask questions. He breaks it down so that I can understand what he is telling me.

Dr. and staff are both very good.

Dr. Griffiths treats us like family.

I am very happy with Dr. Xu.

Dr Israelit is fabulous. Super caring and great at explaining.

I am very pleased with Dr. Patel.

Dr. Bynum is extremely easy to talk to and listens well to my concerns always.

I can always count on Dr. Khoury.

Could not be more satisfied with my interaction with Dr. Nawaz.