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Patient Testimonials

I can trust Dr. Griffiths with his treatment plan to the highest degree.

Always up to date on my condition when I arrive. Always has time to listen and respond.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Khoury than any doctor I’ve ever had.

I really like Dr. Patel. She is very nice. She has heart for her people.

I adore Dr. Israelit. She is kind and attentive. She is proactive and supportive. Wish there was more time with her visits.

Dr. Xu is a very good doctor. Very professional and very kind. He explains everything I need to know and doesn’t get irritated when I ask questions. He breaks it down so that I can understand what he is telling me.

Dr. and staff are both very good.

Dr. Griffiths treats us like family.

I am very happy with Dr. Xu.

Dr Israelit is fabulous. Super caring and great at explaining.

I am very pleased with Dr. Patel.

Dr. Bynum is extremely easy to talk to and listens well to my concerns always.

I can always count on Dr. Khoury.

Could not be more satisfied with my interaction with Dr. Nawaz.