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Supriya Khan, MD

Dr. Supriya Khan joined the OKHC team in June of 2016. She is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Nephrology. She graduated from the University of Memphis in 1995 and received her medical degree from the American College of the Caribbean in 2000. She completed her Medical Residency training at Oklahoma University in Oklahoma City. She was honored to be awarded a research Fellowship followed by a 2-year clinical Fellowship in Nephrology which she completed in 2006. She accepted her first academic position at the University of Florida in Jacksonville where she served a primarily urban population of patients with kidney disease. There she began to delve into research related to disparities in health care, studying the disproportionate influence of Hepatitis C and HIV infection in dialysis patients. To gain a better understanding of the influence of rural setting and health care access, she relocated to Portland Oregon in 2008 and became a faculty member in the Division of Nephrology at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) until 2016.

Dr. Khan’s interest in improving the quality of lives of others started at a very young age. Her childhood was centered in a small city in India and she had the unique opportunity to witness abject poverty and its effects on health. These experiences moved her deeply and she committed to a career in medicine. Her family moved to the United States where, as a teenager, her parents instilled in her the importance of making contributions that have a wide sphere of influence. With this in mind, she embarked on an academic path in medicine and eagerly accepted key leadership positions first at University of Florida and later at OHSU. Dr. Khan invested her time and energy to direct patient care and to shape the educational experience of future Nephrologists as Associate Nephrology Fellowship Program Director. She has remained passionate about addressing health care disparities that affect patients with kidney disease through research. She has been integral in leading quality improvements at OHSU both as part of the Quality Committee and as Acute Dialysis Medical Director. She also brings to OKHC the knowledge and experience in caring for patients with difficult to control hypertension that she refined when she served as the Director of the OHSU Hypertension Clinic. Through this broad range of experiences, she has developed a strong reputation for dedication to excellent patient care and education. She is most distinguished by the compassion she shows in her care, devoting time to each and every patient, listening intently, and responding to their needs. She joined OKHC to use these skills and be a leader in the community.

When Dr. Khan is not considering the wonders of the kidney, you may find her on a mountain summit, a running trail, or in a dance studio taking in other wonders that inspire her professionally and personally. She was playfully given the “speaks-softly-but-carries-a-big-stick” award by her trainees and for good reason.

Dr. Khan is an excellent doctor and I would and will recommend her to my friends and family.

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Khan was a joy to work with. Payton is wonderful too. Enjoyed this visit. No stress what so ever.

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Khan was extremely helpful and explanatory. Could tell she understood my concerns and worries.

Patient Testimonial